Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mac Mini [Media Server]

I never saw the Mac mini rather than a cheap and not-so-good desktop macintosh machine, now i realize it's potential when it's plugged into a 42" HDTV, a nice home theater [or some nice speakers], a 500GB hard drive, internet, and controlled from the sofa via Apple Remote and wireless mouse and keyboard; it is the ultimate media center with apple leopard [at full] and not a lame imitation like in apple TV, in quicktime [with Perian] you can play A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G and you can stream music from other iTunes libraries, play movies in the 42 HDTV and chat with your buddies in the same monitor. The mere idea of this is amazing, and it's not that crazy, with the 329 dollars you will be able to get a 160GB Apple TV u can get the mac mini [Used] and a decent hard drive to attach it, now u just need the HDTV, mouse, key, etc. It's a nice option for people with a budget from 500-1000 dollars, and it can make the diference to do-it-all in you beloved Plasma.

I see myself watching my movies in one of this setups

do you?

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