Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Elections, elections...

Today is THE day, the elections are on their way, and blah blah blah...

John Mccain is an old guy, who's suppossed to get to the presidence.
Barack Obama, is a [not so old] guy, who's suppossed to get to the presidence.
John Mccain has a [not so bad] daughter.

Which fact should we talk about??

I know i know. ;)

Meghan Mccain! :D

Personally, this is the only topic about elections i would like to refer to, i don't [expect] anyone to win, i just want a nice president, who won a clean election.

But any opinion is very welcome.



Anonymous said...

I do not feel like voting for McCain just for his somewhat overwheight daughter if you ask me, I'll rather go with Megan Fox thank you...

fitosmon said...

not so bad???
what's wrong with you? xD
the other posts are better than this one xD