Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Macbooks...

Finally, some decent graphics for such a good kind of laptops!!

the new macbook and [pro] would get a 256MB [or] 512MB NVIDIA Graph Set

We're talking that the new Macbooks and Macbooks PRO's could take the computer you're using right know and f#(k it 12 times, then kill it 5 times before it could show the blue screen of death.

AND another kick-ass feature in the new macbook line is the touchpad with click
integrated and functionality in a very similar way to the Iphone/Itouch screen's

Nevertheless they look very fragile and i personally don't like that!

i prefer a solid [DEll] laptop tough :)

tell us your opinion

1 comment:

Julz said...

Es mucho problema el andar arreglandotelas con los programas que no le puedes meter a las macs pero aun asi son buenas