Saturday, October 4, 2008

DC Shoes [skating] commercial

Hey wats up guys,
so neways, I was watching videos yesterday on youtube and i found this video of some guys making some amazing baskets. now i personally like soccer better but i love playing basketball as well. this video is actually a commercial for dc shoes (it makes skateboarding shoes for those who didn't know) and even though i don't know how to skateboard i still like watching it, and i think this video makes a good combination out of skateboarding and basketball. but don't take my word for it, just watch it and leave an opinion


Anonymous said...

hey guys
great page!
good topics :P
and thanks "oso" for the explanation :D
really useful
good luck!

Omar Salinas said...

jajajajajaj, bien, un anonimo puso un comment en español, asi que seguire su ejemplo, puesto que no me puedo explayar tanto como quisiera xD
oso, tienes buenos gustos, primero Megan, ahora esto. (de hecho Megan fue despues del video, pero da igual)
y el video de "Shoes" jajajajajajajaja
me mato de risa, aunque hoy ando de simple xD
pero aun asi esta bueno.
bien, como planeas updatearlo diario, creo q dare unas visitas continuas. :D

Omar Salinas :D said...

hablando del video de Shoes, q he visto ya muchas veces xD
grax por el video Ettienne